Saturday, April 19, 2014

was formed to give support and information to
those who take care of our nation's children

Helping daycare providers eliminate, decrease, and reduce
stress in their professional and personal lives to
allow them more happiness and better health.

Studies prove that daycare providers are more prone to stress than the average bear. 
Yet there are little or no resources to daycare providers for reducing and managing stress.  
Why is this?  We can only suppose that everyone is too stressed out to do anything about it!



Learn How To
Daycare Environment
Business Practices
Daycare Children


Choosing to be a daycare provider is a
challenging and rewarding decision...
but we know it is one of the most stressful jobs there is!!

We have to take care of our kids, our daycare kids, 
our businesses, our families, our homes...
when do we get time to take care of ourselves?
...and how do we handle all the

Now there are answers... 

Learn how to:
Run your business like a business,
deal with difficult parents and situations,
get paid on time and make more money, more easily,
find more time during your day,
use shortcuts to make life easier,
help your kids to relax and unwind,
feel better at the end of the day,
better balance work and home,
decrease headaches, neck pain and back pain,
take care of you easily during the day,
and much more!!



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