About HHG

More people than ever want to learn how to heal their whole self through body, mind, and spiritual awareness. This is the practice of Holisitc Healing and it is the understanding that the physical body, mind, and spirit are all connected and responsive.

Holistic healing can include many different practices, therapies and alternatives that prevent or treat diseases.  The root of holistic healing, however takes practice and a desire to experience conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions through your body, resulting in strength and happiness of the mind. Welcome.

My name is Joanne and my hope is that you will read, question, and try the practices that will be talked about here. There is so much out there right now on holistic healing, self awareness, and energy that it would be impossible to touch on all of it at once. What I am hoping to do is bring up a different topic each time I post so that the blog will eventually serve as a guide. The beginning will just be me building one topic on top of another. I invite you to reach out, ask questions, and comment as you wish.

I am a California native, although I spent time living in Arizona and Texas for short times as well. I was a dancer and singer in my younger years but these days my most important role is mom, novice blogger, yoga instructor, and student. I love being active in the outdoors, hiking, biking, yoga, snowboarding, and adventure. I am an advocate for natural and organic foods, but I would not call myself a health nut. I go to both eastern and western doctors, and I am open to the idea that anything is possible.

In the last 5 years I have gained a lot of respect for essential oils and their properties, as well as the power of crystals. So I guess you can call me trendy……..I came to learning about the practices of spiritual awareness and discipline when a friend of mine who happens to be a spiritual healer came to me and said that she thought I needed the information. The information has not only changed my life, but it has saved my life.

Are you as healthy as you wish to be? What are you afraid of? These are just some of the questions that holistic healing will address on a deeper level. How is our emotional pain causing physical pain?

Your body and mind are one and you must keep reminding yourself. Once you are at complete truth with yourself  and have the courage to heal, then manifesting positive results will come….I will share how I have learned to lift my emotional vibration to promote health and well being and you can do the same. Heal your mind heal your body heal your spirit as it is all one. Laugh daily and choose happiness.

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