essential oil basics

Essential Oil Basics:

Aromatherapy is not only popular because of their perfumes, but because of the deep and powerful action on the body too. It was the first Europe’s plant bases medicines that are being used for the thousands of years. Essential oils used in aromatherapy can be used to treat various minor illnesses and discomforts, as well as in various holistic drug detoxification therapies.

What are essential oils?

An essential oil is made from the concentrates of the volatile and aromatic substance found in the plant. It can be extracted from a particular part of a plant such as a flower, leaf, bark, root, seed Read More

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I first would like to welcome you to our website. Within these pages you will learn a great deal about holistic healing and it’s benefits to help you lead a longer healthier life.

Holistic is a term used for ‘complete or whole’ so holistic healing can be explained as; “the treatment of an illness which takes care of it deeply”. In other words, treating the root cause of the illness and eliminating it physically, mentally and spiritually. For an illness to be completely evicted, it is necessary to find out where the illness came from and that is what holistic healing therapies cover in the essence. Read More