Friday, April 18, 2014

"In-Home Daycare Provider's Guide to Stress Reduction"

232 pages,  8 1/2 X 11 soft cover

Melanie Osborn combines her experience as a daycare provider, business owner,
and stress management and wellness consultant to bring a more balanced-view
of how daycare life can be for both daycare providers and children.

This book provides a huge resource from which to bring easy and practical methods into
your daycare home and gives you hundreds of tips, tools, and strategies.

Focusing on the four areas of your life: your daycare environment, business practices,
daycare children, and self, this book covers topics that Melanie has been teaching for years. 

Topics include:
 dealing with daycare parents
relaxation techniques for you and your children
making naptime easier
stretches for your sore back and neck
establishing boundaries with your daycare children and families
getting kids to do what you "want" them to do
energy boosters for those tiring days
"stretchies" for the kids
infant and toddler massage
yoga for kids
creative movement for kids
setting up a more calm environment
meditations for relaxation and wellness
easy yoga for you
using color in your environment
aromatherapy for you and your kids
visualizing and getting the daycare that you want
and much, much more!

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"It was an answer to prayer..."  one provider said to another

"Thank you for writing this"

"So much useful information!"



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