essential oil basics

Essential Oil Basics

Essential Oil Basics

Essential Oil Basics:

Aromatherapy is not only popular because of their perfumes, but because of the deep and powerful action on the body too. It was the first Europe’s plant bases medicines that are being used for the thousands of years. Essential oils used in aromatherapy can be used to treat various minor illnesses and discomforts, as well as in various holistic drug detoxification therapies.

What are essential oils?

An essential oil is made from the concentrates of the volatile and aromatic substance found in the plant. It can be extracted from a particular part of a plant such as a flower, leaf, bark, root, seed or fruit. So, the organic constituents in these oils help in healing when they are applied or inhaled. They are sometimes also called the “life force” of the plant.

They have been used for cosmetic purposes as well as spiritual and emotional upliftment purposes from last 5000 years. They are highly concentrated to separate the most powerful healing compounds of a plant into an oil. It comes with a strong aroma due to concentration. To get a 15ml of rose essential oil almost 65 pounds of rose petals are used.

These therapeutic oils in the plants help the plants to protect themselves from the insects, harsh environment and adapt to their surroundings. So, they are basically the protective and healing power of the plants.

How are they extracted?

Primarily, they are extracted through careful steam distillation. Sometimes, cold distillation is also used to extract these oils. They are the purest and potent form of the herb which are more powerful than the botanicals from which they are extracted. That is the reason they are also called nature’s pure essence sometimes.

What are the uses of essential oils?

The essential oils can be used in many ways that include the aromatic diffusion, topical application, and dietary consumption. This is how an essential oil can help you in daily life:

  • Helps in fighting cold and flu;
  • Healing skin problems;
  • Relaxing your body by holistic massages;
  • Soothing sore muscles;
  • Helps improving digestion;
  • Can be used as cleaning products;
  • Can be used in various personal care products;
  • Helps in balancing hormones.

Benefits of some of the commonly used essential oils:

Each and every essential oil have its own unique characteristics that help in healing in their own way. Here are few of the most common essential oils and their benefits:

  • Lavender: helps in uplifting mood, relaxation and healing bruises, and cuts;
  • Ginger: helps in relieving nausea, improves digestion, supports joints, and reduces inflammation;
  • Clove: antibacterial and antioxidant;
  • Lemon: good to use in home cleaning products and cleansing the body;
  • Peppermint: improves digestion, boost energy, improves focus, helps in reducing fever, headache, and muscle ache;
  • Rose: helps in reducing skin inflammation. Adding its one drop in your moisturizer can help you get a glowing skin;
  • Tea tree oil: it has anti-bacterial properties, anti-fungal, helps in improving body immunity and reducing bad odors;
  • Sandalwood: helps in improving energy.

Application of essential oils:

Here are how the essential oils can be used:

  • Topically:

Essential oils can be massaged into your skin. They penetrate into the skin and pass into the blood stream and different areas of the body for internal therapeutic benefits, holistic massages using essential oils are very popular.

  • Aromatically:

The essential oils are very beneficial when inhaled. They go into the blood stream upon inhalation and provide internal benefits. It helps in reducing the stress and uplifting the mood. It also helps in improving focus and energy. That’s the reason many yoga studios are using essential oils using diffusers for the better yoga practicing.

  • Ingestion:

The essential oils are the powerful medicines that are being used for holistic drug detoxification. But, you need to make sure that you consume it a very little quantity as a little over-consumption can have negative impacts.

  • Personal care:

The essential oils are most commonly used for creating DIY personal care products. You can make beauty products and home cleaning products using these oils.

So, essential oils do have a strong healing power. But, make sure that you buy true essential oils for enjoying the correct benefits of these oils.

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