healing massage

Healing Massage

Healing Massage

The holistic massage is a part of holistic healing that takes up the treatment need of each patient differently and with special massage techniques heals the illness to the core. It takes into account the spiritual and mental healing with physical treatment. Holistic meaning ‘as whole’ takes into consideration the depth of the illness rather than just its physical symptoms.

Holistic massage aims to rebalance the body and brings out the root cause of the illness being internal or external with a special therapeutic massage treatment. This massage takes into consideration the overall health into focus the anatomy, physiology, nutritional and overall general health. The massage treatment has restorative effects on the mind and the body while connecting with the spiritual health and promoting better self-care.

The therapist gains complete knowledge of the patient and analyzes what they need in order to achieve better health. The massage helps in relaxation of taunt muscles, lymphatic drainage that drains harmful toxins from the body. Other than that for most people substance use is not the case, it is stress that affects their bodies in a very harmful way causing stiff and sore muscles while draining out a person both physically and mentally.

Stress enters our lives by the routine choices we make, sitting for long periods of time driving or at the office desk etc., which cause exhaustion particularly to the mental level. It also causes stiff neck, shoulders with headaches thus cause stress and tension both emotionally, and physically, another factor for taunt muscles is bad posture. All of these issues can be resolved by the holistic massage treatment. With proper therapy massage, affected people gain treatment in getting rid of depression and grief caused by the stiff life choices.

Pregnant women and babies also benefit greatly from the holistic massage that helps in the development of stronger bones and drug-free growth in both mother and baby. Elderly people due to lack of movement also suffer from muscle tension and muscle atrophy thus the holistic message treatment is suited for people of all ages and with all types of physical and mental illness.

A holistic approach promotes connecting with your own body for better and deeper treatment, connection with the body helps in healing better as we get to know the actual lifestyle choices that cause stiffness in muscles. Our body is our home thus it holds places and emotions with them that we might not have approached thus its existence seems to be irrational but a holistic massage therapist knows how to reach to such emotional points in order to heal the body as a whole.

The holistic massage uses essential oils to soothe and calm the taunted muscles, nerves and joints. The use of oils can really bring an added benefit to the holistic massage as the essential oils like lavender oil or tea tree oil contains soothing and healing properties that calm the nerves of the body while bringing out a lighter feeling in the soul and the mind.

The holistic massage treatment techniques include stroking movements, kneading movements, cupping movements and vibratory movements all done by a professional therapist. With these techniques, better blood circulation causes natural relief in stiffness and tension in the muscles, which brings about better oxygen allocated throughout the body thus an efficient change in both emotional and mental benefits of the body. The holistic message thus covers the body, the mind and the soul connecting them and bringing out positive energy while relaxing out the whole self and in the end leaving with energized and relaxed body, havoc free mind, and lighter soul.

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