holistic yoga is for everyone

Yoga Is For Everyone

Yoga Is For Everyone

The word Yoga came from a Sanskrit verb Yuja which means to connect or the culminate – the culmination of Jiva and Shiva, the soul and the universal spirit, and the culmination of Purush and Prakriti which is known as the Yin and Yang in Indian beliefs.

Yoga is basically a science that is long- practiced and is made up of different disciplines of both mind and body. It started in India 2500 years ago and has been bringing overall good health and well-being ever since to anyone who regularly does and makes it a practice.

The principle of yoga revolves around uplifting “Kundalini”, known as the life force at the base of the spine. Yoga is both a mind and body practice that has brought a lot of positive benefits to health and in people’s lives in general. The various styles of yoga are composed of typically combined body postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Because of the immense benefits of yoga to health, it is usually used in holistic healing where wholeness is the ultimate goal. This can be achieved by the help of yoga as well.

To elevate “Kundalini”, series of physical and mental exercises are executed. The physical techniques used in yoga are various yoga postures (asanas) that aim to keep the body fit and healthy while and on the other hand, the mental techniques use breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana) to help the body and mind relax and be disciplined.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been giving a lot of positive benefits to both mental and physical wellness to those who does it. Weight loss, flexible and strong physique, better skin condition, and a peaceful mind are some of what yoga offers. However, it benefits to wellness do not only stop there. The immense benefits of yoga to the overall wellness of the person include mental stability which harmonizes the body, mind, and breathing. With this harmony, life becomes happier, more calm and fulfilling as yoga teaches how to take your mind in control on how you respond to things in your life. Yoga provides all-around fitness as it helps one to build and maintain proper posture, breathing, meditation and relaxation which is a primary goal of holistic healing.

  •    Weight Loss

With yoga being part of your routine, you tend to be more sensitive to the type and amount of food you give your body since yoga poses can be hard to execute if you cannot properly use your body due to excessive body weight. With that, it will give you the discipline to eat only what your body needs, stick to your diet and keep a check on your weight.

  •    Relieves Stress

Many claims that few minutes of yoga a day is a great way to relieve stress in both the body and mind. With yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, the mind and body are calmed thus eases them to release the stress accumulated throughout the day.

  •    Energy Boost

A few minutes of yoga to start your day will provide you the much-needed boost for your day. It will help you condition your mind and body for the rest of the day.

  •    Inner Peace

Yoga is best done in places where you can be one with yourself which is possible if you are in a place where concentrating is possible. Yoga is best done when you are exposed to nature. The peaceful and refreshing environment plus the relaxation that yoga brings is perfect for meditation.

  •    Flexibility and Good Posture

Yoga involves stretches that improve the body’s flexibility. The yoga routines are also focused on improving one’s posture that eventually relieves body pain.

Yoga is generally safe for everyone when practiced appropriately. Depending on your need, condition, and physique there is various yoga poses that will suit you. Yoga heals both the mind and body.

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